Energy Treatments & Services

Claudia offers both Energy Balancing and Spiritual Cleansing Treatments

Energy Balancing is used to keep you balanced mental, physically and spirituality are ideal for ..
Restoring sleep
Clearing the mind

Starting a new job, relationship

location or school.
Clearer energy in love,family business and health.

Spiritual Cleansing Treatments are more stronger and can

release any unwanted or negative energy blocks that are disturbing

your life and causing stress.
Can clear blocks in

Broken or troubled relationship
Court Issues
Slight depression

and more...

Please contact Claudia to find out which Healing Treatment may be right for you.

Psychic Healing

All energy healing treatments are 100 % safe and effective. non harsh or harmful energy are used. only positive energy and strong holistic prayers are used along with the most safe and reliable tools such as candles, crystals, oils, and sage. please contact Claudia for prices and to find out which energy healing treatment may be right for you.